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5.10.18 -
Ultrasound Detection

Check out the article for more info. 4.6.18 -
Infrared Thermal Inspections

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Loose Connections at the Heaters
Loose Connections at the Heaters

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5.15.17 -

Compressed Gas leaks are robbing you blind.

If I had 15 minutes of your time and I could show you how to save from 5 to 50 thousand dollars and it would not cost you a dime, would you have time to listen.

 Using Ultrasound, we can find compressed gas leaks that you cannot hear or feel.

Compressed air is the most expensive commodity that you have in your facility.

The US Dept. of Energy shows that compressed air costs an average of 33 cents per 1000 cubic feet of loss. At that rate it does not take very long to run up a big total air loss bill.

One quick connect coupler leaking for a year, as many of them do, costs between $500 and $750 dollars per year. Now take that time 10 leaking couplers and you see we are at $5000 to $7500 per year fast.

This is only the couplers in your plant that are leaking now. If we do a comprehensive leak survey, we will find tubing leaks, piping leaks, valve leaks, connecter leaks, and several other types of leaks.

We have seen these leaks run into the 10s of thousands of dollars very very fast.

Now this is only for air. Thinks about Argon. The leaks there are 5 times as expensive because of course the cost of Argon. We can check for any compressed gas and give you the estimated loss amounts both in Cubic Feet per Minute and in dollars and cents.

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