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5.10.18 -
Ultrasound Detection

Check out the article for more info. 4.6.18 -
Infrared Thermal Inspections

Check out the article for more info.
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Fan bearing starting to show signs of heat.
Fan bearing starting to show signs of heat.

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5.10.18 -

Bad Pump Bearings

Ultrasound Detection

Ultrasound Detection

     Mechanical equipment produces a “normal” sound signature when operating effectively.  As components begin to fail, a change in the original sonic signature occurs.  Using ultrasound detection, this change can be noted as a shift in intensity or change in sound quality – heard through headphones and recorded for further analysis. 

     Ultrasound also has huge benefits in condition-based lubrication programs for bearings.  Contrary to a time – based schedule, bearings are regularly tested and lubricated precisely when and to what extent they need.  This saves both time and money, while eliminating detrimental over lubrication.





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