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5.10.18 -
Ultrasound Detection

Check out the article for more info. 4.6.18 -
Infrared Thermal Inspections

Check out the article for more info.
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Wire Connection
Wire Connection

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The image sets below show real world examples comparing the information to be gained from Infrared Thermal Imaging VS visible light photography.
Use the MORE INFO buttons for detailed views and explanations of the images.

Misalignment the #2 cause for premature motor failure more info button
Fan bearing starting to show signs of heat. more info button
Fan bearing heating up more info button
Classic case of Misalignment more info button
Condenser testing more info button
Energy Loss due to leaks in Building more info button
Openings where the beams come together more info button
Hydrogen Boiler more info button
Pressure Sensitive Valve on large Boiler more info button
Tank Level Inspections more info button
Paint Drying Oven more info button
Hot Motor more info button
Inboard Bearing more info button
Coker more info button
Propane Reboiler more info button


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