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5.10.18 -
Ultrasound Detection

Check out the article for more info. 4.6.18 -
Infrared Thermal Inspections

Check out the article for more info.
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Belts Slipping
Belts Slipping

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We are committed to using only the highest quality and most
state-of-the-art equipment.


Raytheon 500D

This camera is a long wave, handheld, Focal Plane Array camera that is capable of temperature measurement. This camera is best suited for Preventive Maintenance, Research and Development, and Medical Applications. The camera stores images on a PCMCIA Card, and the images can be analyzed using included software package.


System Type:

 Focal Plane Array

Spectral Range:

 Long Wave


 320 X 240

Detector Material:


Measurement Accuracy:

 2% or 2 Degrees C

Measurement Range:

 -20 to 300 Degrees C

With Filter:


Field View:

 18 X 13.5 Degrees



Spatial Resolution:

 Lens Dependent

Thermal Sensitivity:

 <.10 Degrees C at 30 C

  Detector Refresh Rate:

 60 Hz

  Dynamic Range:

 12 Bit

Emissivity Adjustment:

 0.01 to 1.00


 Color and B&W

  Display Type:

 Eye Piece & PDA LCD

  Image Storage Capacity:

 >150 Images

  Storage Medium:

 PCMCIA Card or Internal Memory

  Operating Temperature:

 15 to 35 Degrees C

  Camera Weight:

 4.8 Lbs.

  Camera Size:

 5.5 X 5.5 X 10

  Focus Distance:

 18 Inches to Infinity

  Video Output:

 60 Hz NTSC

  Power Supply:

 6 V DC NiMH Camcorder Battery

  Voice Annotation:


  Available Accessories:

 Software Included


The World's Most Advanced Ultrasound Inspection System

Inspect · Record Sounds · Store Information · Manage Data

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 brings Ultrasound Inspection technology to a whole new level. With this one system inspectors can perform condition analysis, record sounds, store and manage data.
spectraa.jpg utvscrn1.jpg


Utilizing just two controls:
User friendly Spin and Click Technology of the Ultraprobe® 10,000simplifies sound recording, data collection, system customization and data entry

The Ultraprobe® 10,000
Has On-board Sound Recording

With the push of a button, it is now possible to record a sound sample directly into the instrument and link it to one of 400 record files stored in the Ultraprobe.

With The Ultraprobe® 10,000 System Test The Way You Want

bullet Specialized Application Screens
bullet Adjustable On/Off Features
bullet Connect to External Devices
bullet Flexible Reporting Options

ULTRAPROBE® 10,000 is a Complete Ultrasonic Asset Management System

Something for Everybody:
Whatever you‘re going to test, the Ultraprobe® 10,000 has application-specific software for you. With the “click” of a button you can select an Application with Specialized fields for accurate reporting and analysis.

Select any of 6 applications:
Generic, Leaks Valves, Bearings, Electrical or Steam and the Ultraprobe® 10,000 automatically sets relevant fields for your data logging convenience. All stored data is easily downloaded to the Ultratrend DMS software.

Select One of 6
Specialized Applications
Specialized Fields for the Valve Application
Review Stored Data On Specialized Screens
Data Storage Screen
Test Info Screen

Expand you inspections. In addition to on-board data logging, the Ultraprobe 10,000 accepts and stores data from external devices such as thermometers and tachometers.

What Do You Want to Test Today?

Practically everything you‘ll need for specialized inspection is included with the Ultraprobe® 10,000 Inspection System; LRM, MMP, EXC and more!
will double the detection distance of the standard Trisonic Scanning Module and enhance performance for any electrical or leak inspection job. With a 10° field of view, you can pinpoint the exact location of a problem at a safe distance; no need to climb ladders or use a lift.
Magnetic Mount will provide accuracy and consistency in your mechanical inspections. Test excessively vibrating equipment accurately or have a consistent test approach for your bearing inspections.
Attach any module to this 8‘ (2.4m) cable and extend to hard-to-reach areas, or connect the assembly to a magnetic mount.

MORE SOFTWARE For Accurate Records & Reports

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 System includes both Ultratrend DMS and UE Spectralyzer software to help you organize and analyze all your inspection information.

Data Management System

Ultratrend DMS is a comprehensive record storage, data management and data analysis program. Multiple views allows you to review data either by date or as a history. A history table can be sorted to review any changes in any of the relevant test fields such as decibel, frequency, test results, temperature or rpm. Data can be easily exported to Specialized reporting software such as compressed gas survey software or bearing trending software.
Spectral Analysis Software

UE SPECTRALYZER is a spectral analysis software that converts your PC into a fully functioning FFT analyzer. It provides both spectra and time series views of your recorded sounds. With the UE Spectralyzer, sound images are easily produced for reporting. You can attach each sound sample to a file or include an image of the spectra in your report.


View Data by Date


View Subject Sound Samples as a Spectrum

View Data History and Sort Columns   for  analysis

View Sound Samples in Time Series

ONBOARD SOUND RECORDING... as easy as 1, 2, 3

With onboard sound recording, just Spin and Click. That‘s all you need to do to record a sound sample with the Ultraprobe® 10,000. All sounds are stored on a Compact Flash card for easy download to your computer.

The compact flash card will hold all your sound files for easy downloading to your computer. Kit includes an adapter for downloading to your PC

ULTRAPROBE® 10,000 Consider the Possibilities:

There are a number of ways the Ultraprobe® 10,000 System assists your reporting, analyzing and record keeping. For example, you can: trend a group of bearings over time, trend one bearing over time, analyze steam trap history and costs, analyze leak costs, note patterns in electrical failure, record valve sounds, analyze mechanical sounds...
Here‘s a possibility: Trend a bearing over time, when it exceeds an alarm level, take a spectra and combine all the data into one report.

Typical ULTRAPROBE® Applications

Data Based Mechanical Inspection/Trending
Data Based Leak Detection/Energy Audits
Data Based Electrical Inspection
bullet Bearing Condition
bullet Rubbing Conditions
bullet Cavitation
bullet Gears/Gear Boxes
bullet Pumps/Motors
bullet Lack of Lubrication
bullet Compressed Air
bullet Compressed Gases
(O2, NO, etc.)
bullet Vacuum Leaks
bullet Seals & Gaskets
bullet Condenser Tubes
bullet Cockpit Windows
bullet Hatches
bullet Boilers
bullet Heat Exchangers
bullet Valves
bullet Steam Traps
bullet Arcing
bullet Tracking
bullet Corona
bullet Switchgear
bullet Transformers
bullet Insulators
bullet Relays
bullet Bus Bars
Toll Free: 1.800.223.1325
Phone: 914.592.1220
Fax: 914.347.2181
e-mail: info@uesystems.com

Copyright ©1999-2003 UE Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.


TI-25M Series Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauges

The new CHECK-LINE TI-25M Wall Thickness Gauge accurately measures wall thickness and the extent of corrosion of all metals, ceramics, glass and most rigid plastics - from only one side!

The TI-25M can be used in a Single Thickness Reading mode or in a Scan mode , where the probe is dragged over a large measuring area. The minimum thickness reading recorded during the "scan" will be displayed.

The TI-25M probe is waterproof and can be submerged in water. The gauge is impact-resistant and environmentally sealed to provide trouble-free operation under the toughest field conditions.

The TI-25M is supplied as a complete kit with the gauge, probe, 4 oz. bottle of coupling fluid, 2 AA batteries, NIST Calibration Certificate, and Operating Instruction Manual - all in a foam-fitted carrying case.


Resolution of 0.001 inch (0.01 mm) Switch-selected units for inches or mm
Large, backlit LCD display retains last reading For underwater surveying, probe cable lengths up to 50 feet are optionally available

CE Certified
Simple operator controls virtually eliminate training Special-purpose probes are offered for a variety of applications


Product Specifications:


0.025-6.00" (0.60-150.0 mm)


.001" (0.01 mm)


4½ - Digit, 0.5" Backlit LCD

Velocity Range

6,500-33,000 ft./sec (2000-10,000 m/sec.)


7.5 MHz, 0.25" Diameter (6.35 mm) with rubber molded grip.

Probe Wearface

PEEK (Polyethlethylketone)


4 ft. (1.2 m) waterproof cable with non-polarized, quick-disconnect connectors. Optional lengths up to 50 ft. (15 m).

Temp. Limits

Ambient: -20 to 120° F (-30 to 50° C)
Material: --ll0 to 200° F (-20 to 100° C)
Special high temperature probes are optionally available.

Battery Type

Two AA batteries

Battery Life

200 hours


7 ounces (196 g)


2.5 x 4.5 x 1.25"
(64 x 114 x 32 mm)

Accessories Included

Probe/cable assembly. 4 oz. bottle of coupling fluid, NIST Calibration Certificate, 2 AA batteries, operating instructions, hard-plastic carrying case.


Gauge: 5 years
Probe: 90


Minimum radius for convex surfaces

0.350" (12.7 MM)

Minimum radius for concave surfaces

6" (63.5 mm)

Probe surface can be rounded to allow it to lie flat in small pipes to 1"

Minimum headroom

1" (25.0 mm)

Minimum sample diameter

0.150" (3.8 mm)

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