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4.4.2008 -
PPM to Open in Colorado

Check out the article for more info. 10.26.2007 -
Chuck Peterson article on UE Systems Site

Check out the article for more info.
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By Ron Newport

Key Benefits:

bullet Save money in less down time and repairs
bullet Schedule down time for repairs
bullet Thermographer is Level One Certified from the John Snell Infrared School

Applications for Infrared Thermal Imaging:

I.R. to Analyze Mechanical Systems


Power Distribution Systems


MCCs & Switch Gears


Electric Motors

What is a Thermographer?

A thermographer is a thermal evaluator and imaging expert. He or she will have a solid understanding of heat transfer laws, thermal dynamics and properties of why objects are hot or not or appear to be hot or not.

A thermographer is a person who uses an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera and his or her knowledge of the subjects they look at in combination with other non-destructive testing tools to evaluate the condition, (good or bad) of any object, subject or body in the world at large today... as long as there is a thermal difference to be detected. Otherwise objects with the same thermal radiant pattern or temperature will be invisible to each other.

Like when old Arnold Schwarzenegger "fooled" the "Predator" covering himself with mud, he changed his thermal pattern to match the surrounding "temperature" of his surroundings and turned himself "thermally invisible". Eventually the mud would warm up and his "stealth" would disappear. The old movies where the "Star" looked though the wall to "see" the bad guy plotting to kill the good guy are not true. Infrared Thermal Imaging can only "see" the surface of anything. We see the effect of conduction transfer of heat from within the object to the surface and make assessment from there.

People choose to be thermographers to be in the lead of exciting new careers and challenges every day. Thermography is not a 9 to 5 job. Thermography is evolving daily into new and unusual applications. There are so many areas the same thermal expert can be involved in, with the exact same thermal camera it offers diversification like no other career.

Advantages of using Thermography:

  • Quick problem detection without interrupting service
  • Prevention of premature failure and extension of equipment life
  • Identification of potentially dangerous or hazardous equipment
  • Reduction in Insurance Premiums
  • Effective infrared scanning in order to save revenue and prevent down-time


Thermography is evolving daily into new and specialized applications.
We can accommodate any thermographic applications you may have.

Thermography applications:

  • Electrical Inspection in Buildings, Plants, Facilities, and Refineries
  • Thermal heat loss inspections for buildings, plants, facilities, refineries
  • Moisture contamination evaluations in buildings, condo's, plants facilities
  • Concrete integrity inspections
  • Concrete Water Heated floor inspections for leaks and temperature distribution
  • Flat roof leak detection for buildings, plants, facilities
  • Power generation generator inspections
  • Power Plant boiler flue gas leak detection
  • Substation Electrical inspections, transformers and capacitor evaluation
  • Overhead urban and rural Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Electric Motor inspections
  • Mechanical Bearing Inspections
  • Cold Storage cooling losses
  • Refinery process line insulation loss or leak detection
  • Refinery process evaluation
  • Heat exchanger Quality and efficiency evaluation
  • Furnace refractory (insulation) inspections
  • Furnace Internal flame evaluation and tube inspections
  • Flame propagation explosion analysis
  • HVAC Equipment evaluation
  • Pest infestation inspections


To ensure the integrity of electrical installations for reduced down time, fire and safety, or insurance company compliance, we highly recommend performing Infrared Thermal Imaging of electrical installations to find overheating in connections and components, or faulty components.


Infrared Thermal Imaging of motors, pumps, fans, bearings, compressors, heating elements, humidifiers etc. can be analyzed for faults and decrease in efficiency. Fatigue and stress concentration in components can be detected and verified.

Buildings and Processing Equipment

Internal properties in walls and pipes such as building and cool room/oven insulation and furnace refractory breakdown and efficiency, scale build up, fluid build up in composite structures etc. can be determined.

Environmental and Surveillance

Infrared Thermal Imaging can be used to determine sites of burst gas and water pipes, hot spots in bush fires, waste water spread, biological diversity and pest/fungus spread in plantations, and it is widely used for night surveillance.

Airborne applications:

  • Pipeline inspection, leak detection, stress corrosion cracking area
  • Environmental inspections, pollution dumping, thermal dumping of waste water
  • Fire Mapping, hold over fires, fire line and mop-up inspections
  • High Voltage Aerial Electrical inspections for transmission lines
  • Search and rescue
  • Covert surveillance

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