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5.10.18 -
Ultrasound Detection

Check out the article for more info. 4.6.18 -
Infrared Thermal Inspections

Check out the article for more info.
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A small wire nut shuts down the entire plant
A small wire nut shuts down the entire plant

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Predictive maintenance is the use of the new technologies of Infrared Thermal Imaging and Ultrasound Detection to see and hear things that we as humans could not otherwise see or hear. Thus we use these new technologies to get a head start on a potential failure.

We can predict a potential failure in your machinery before it happens and you can schedule the repairs before the failure. This will save countless amounts of money in less down time and less expensive repairs. If the machine is allowed to run to failure it is proven by past history that it will cost 5 to 7 times more to fix because of the collateral damage that may occur and the unscheduled down time and loss of production that occurs.

Predictive maintenance has been a division that has often received less than adequate "commitment". The wisdom of maintaining electrical or mechanical systems only when it is needed or predicted, rather than at routine intervals or even worse when they fail is catching on. 

In all electrical or mechanical systems excessive heat is usually a hallmark of future problems.  Our thermographers (equipped with high quality Infrared Thermal Imaging systems) can reliably detect this heat and report potential problem areas to you prior to failure. A comprehensive infrared inspection program, performed by professional thermographers, can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures, and most importantly save lives and money.


Electrical Panel Inspection
Inspect electrical panels routinely for loose connections, overloaded circuits, and other potentially hazardous electrical flow resistance.

Bus Ducts
Inspect along entire length for any anomalies revealed by excessive heat energy.

Production Line Bearings
Any size production line involves many rolling bearings along the material transfer path.  The relatively slow speed of these bearings allows for reliable thermal scans and/ or Ultrasound Detection.  Problem parts can be replaced during a scheduled shut down preventing a costly unscheduled shut down.

Transformers Switching
Infrared inspections can spot potential problems in these high voltage devices. Our cameras can image problems in connections, cooling tubes, and wiring. The Ultrasound Detection equipment can hear the arcing and tracking that might be going on inside these large units. These systems have the potential to store huge amounts of energy and an unexpected failure of this equipment can cause serious damage to property and personnel.

Motors / Shafts / Bearings
Large motors are usually connected to large shafts which are stabilized by large bearings. If one link in this chain of vital equipment is broken the results can be disastrous. Infrared Thermal Imaging inspections and Ultrasound Detection can reveal potential failure points in these systems. 

Make the choice to Inspect and repair before your only choice left is to shutdown, wait for parts, and then make the repair.

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