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Our History

Peterson Predictive Maintenance was forged in 2001 out of a combination of troubleshooting skill, analytical experience, and a desire to provide a service that is sorely needed in a wide range of industries.

My first career was as an arson investigator for the fire department. That experience gives PPM an edge when it comes to the logical analysis of a system or situation (i.e. why did this machine fail?).

I then went to work in the maintenance field with a major company specializing in hydrocarbon fractionation (natural gas refinement). I was in charge of the reliability of all rotating equipment – consisting of 93 pumps and motors. While there, I initiated the first true predictive maintenance program at that facility. Through that effort, the company was able to extend their Mean Time Between Failure rate (MTBF rate) from once every two weeks to approximately twice a year. This was the proof of the value of predictive maintenance.

As part of my training, I was schooled in the maintenance of centrifugal pumps in Nashville, TN. It was at that school that I was introduced to Infrared Thermal Imaging. I quickly recognized this as the leading edge of predictive maintenance. On returning from that school, I attempted to convince the company of the benefits of this new technology. I persisted in this attempt for almost two years, but the company would not meet the expense involved.

Convinced of the value this new technology could provide, I resigned, refinanced my home, and went into business for myself. Since that time, PPM has built a customer base of around 300 businesses (and growing).

Staying at the leading edge of technology for predictive maintenance, we have incorporated Ultrasound Detection into our services. Coupled with Infrared Thermal Imaging, these two technologies put us at the forefront of predictive maintenance services.

Peterson Predictive Maintenance has more than doubled in the last year alone. And with our experience, technological advantage, and commitment to service – we expect that trend to continue far into the future.

Chuck Peterson
Peterson Predictive Maintenance, LLC