A big event is about to take place at Southwest Medical Center in Liberal . They are in the process of coming on board with a world class predictive maintenance program.

This program will be setup by Peterson Predictive Maintenance and will Include the following;

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Ultrasound AirborneĀ  (compressed gas leaks)

Ultrasound structure borneĀ  (Bearings and Alignment)

This program will include almost 100 motors in the facility and we will be able to keep track and trend all of the machines. We will also be able to find compressed gas leaks trough out the hospital. ( medical air is very expensive)

Stay tuned in and check back as we will post some of the reports to show how unscheduled down time was averted.

The best thing is that Chuck can show how this entire program can be implemented basically for FREE.