Transformers can be very critical. Notice the hot connection in the top left image. This could never be seen without Infrared Thermal Imaging. We also use Infrared Thermal Imaging to check the oil level in the tanks on these big transformers, while we also check the high and low voltage bushings. If these bushings are showing any heat, there could be some arcing inside the transformer, that would cause the oil to turn to flammable gases that could cause a fire or explosion.



These dip switches are showing heat most likely from time and corrosion in the slip connections. If they get hot enough to fail this would cause a major power outage at this facility and the down time would be very expensive.


All of these switches and fuses were inside of major substations. This could be a real problem if they blow it could cause power outage to complete power grids or even whole cities.

Overhead Bus Bars

All of these images are of problems in overhead buss bars. This is usually where the bar are joined in a bolted splice. Over time the expansion and contraction from heating and cooling along with vibration from the plants daily routines the bolts become loose. There is no way to see this without Infrared Thermal Imaging. This was done from the floor, without climbing up and opening the boxes.